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The Cookie Collaboration team have been celebrating their 10 year anniversary, since being founded  in 2012 by Amanda.


"I have a background in creating clothes & jewellery, but I have always loved baking in my spare time.


The art of cookie decorating was a new concept when I first came across it, and I couldn't believe how you could use royal icing in a whole spectrum of colour's to create depth, textures, and pictures, and literally turn anything into a cookie! 


 As the craft was still new in the U.K, cute cookie cutters where thin on the ground, so I began shipping cutters from the U.S to bake my cookies, and after many hours of practice I took the leap and began sharing pictures of my work online.


I was overwhelmed by the response, so my confidence grew as I gained more and more happy cookie customers!


What started with just me, has now grown into a small family team, with my brother (the baker) and sister (the packer) plus my much needed icing crew!

I insist on everything being handmade. This means making all of my dough by hand, and hand rolling and cutting each cookie. We have now have huge array of cookie cutters (so is it wrong to want more?!) and I can genuinely say that we really do 

'hand-ice our cookies with love!' 

All of the packaging that we use is 100% recyclable, and our traditional methods and attention to detail has allowed us to work with some amazing fashion brands, such as, Mulberry, Valery Demure and Stella McCartney and large corporations such as, Facebook, Mercedes Benz, Virgin Media, PayPal and Lindt.

Our traditional real vanilla sugar cookies are freshly baked to order, and they have a lovely soft & buttery texture, which I think compliments the sweet & crunchy icing really well.

But don't take my word for it. Why not try one for yourself?  ( : "

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