About us ...

The Cookie Collaboration is a small family run business, which was founded in 2012 by Amanda Hamilton Smith.


Amanda has a background in creating fashion jewellery but has always had a love of baking. When hand-iced cookies began to make a splash in the U.K, she was amazed at the endless possibilities that could be acheived by using royal icing on a plain biscuit.


With her love of colour and design, she spent many (many!) hours perfecting the craft of biscuit decorating. She then began to sell her cookies at local markets, and then she created her own website to share her freshly baked treats with the U.K and beyond!


 We are a small band of bakers who love using traditional methods to creatively handcraft our cookies.

All of our cookie dough is mixed by hand, and each of our cookies are hand-cut (we have a huge collection of cookie cutters!) we then hand-ice or hand paint each biscuit before we carefully hand package them.

Ready to be sent direct to your door!

All of the packaging that we use is 100% recyclable, and our traditional methods and attention to detail has allowed us to work with some exciting fashion brands such as Mulberry, Valery Demure and Stella McCartney and untertake orders for large international brands such as, Facebook, Mercedes Benz, Virgin Media, PayPal and Lindt chocolatiers (to name a few!) 

We use only the finest local ingredients to create our yummy, soft & buttery real vanilla cookies, and we can still often be found on a break, with one of our own cookies in hand and a cup of tea in the other!


We take immense pride in the quality and design of our product. Whether it be for our beautifully packaged gift boxes, or custom cookie creations for corporate and personal events.

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