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corporate cookies - Lindt

Looking for a unique thank you gift to top all others? Then look no further than The Cookie Collaboration ...

We receive lots of requests for corporate cookies from companies of all sizes looking for fun, memorable and innovative ways of thanking clients and colleagues for their help and support.

When Lindt chocolatiers approached us looking for a special gift to thank some key clients, we were excited to work together to create bespoke cookies to represent their iconic chocolate bunnies!

We used our icing skills to hand decorate the cookie bunnies and finished each one with a gold sugar bell and hand painted gold finish. The cookies went down so well with their clients, that they got back in touch the following year, and asked us to recreate their chocolate teddy bear!

With the teddy bear cookies we used our skills to create a 3d effect to really enhance the look of a chocolate mould for the cookies, and we topped each one off with a handmade sugar heart (yummy!).

If you’re looking to sweeten your next corporate gifting incentive, why not get in touch with us to discuss different options for your own cookie-venture.



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